Certification in the wood preservation sector

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 The guarantee of durable timber

The CTB-B+ mark ensures the timber gives the expected level of conferred durability for the required use in accordance with the requirements of standard NF B 50-105-3


An adapted and controlled process

CTB-B+ is the guarantee for the implementation of quality treatment validated by FCBA and a controlled impregnation process. Twice a year, FCBA audits the certified companies, ensures the Quality Plan is being followed and conducts sampling. Simply using a CTB-P+ certified product not guarantee the quality of a timber treatment.


Confirmed effectiveness

CTB-B+ treated timber ensures the structure is resistant to wood-boring insects, wood-rotting fungi and termites.

Indeed, the combination of CTB-B+/CTB-P+ certifications allows the timber to be used in agricultural, wine-producing, aquatic, indoor and outdoor environments, play areas or other public or private spaces.

The environmental declaration sheets and life cycle analysis for CTB-B+ certified timber are available on the INIES database (INIES.fr).

CTB-B+ treated timber is taken to waste reception centres according to the regulations in force.

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CTB-B+ certified wood : Fitness for use

Standards NF B 50-105-3, EN 335 and EN 351 form the basis of this certification. They set out the approach to be taken to obtain material the durability of which meets the requirements of the use class. This approach involves:
• assessing the biological hazards, in particular those related to the moisture content of the wood, to determine the use class of
the wood,
• determining the need for treatment according to the natural durability and impregnability of the species that you want to use,
• define the treatment according to the specifications laid down in the standards: choice of species and its moisture content, choice of treatment procedure and choice of preservative.

CTB-B+ : A network of professionals committed to :

• providing a service in line with the demand,
• the quality of the service by the issuance of a preventive treatment certificate (see below).



CTB-B+ is an FCBA collective certification mark, under COFRAC accreditation COFRAC no. 5-0011, that attests to the performance of wood in service in terms of durability.

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 3 inseparable parameters


The use of a single treatment process or single treatment product does not ensure the durability of the structure.

traitement du bois contre les termites


Wood that is CTB-B+ treated and certified is protected against attacks from termites (except for furniture). Commitment to this protection is indicated on the treatment certificates.

A species
chosen relative to its impregnability

Different wood species are individually characterised by a natural durability and by an ability to receive additional protection, called impregnability, which is used to assign them to a specific use class.

A preservative
that is effective and safe

The performance of the product is attested to by CTB-P+ mark, on the basis of standardised tests and fitness for purpose criteria. The producing company’s Quality Plan enables the constancy of these performances to be verified throughout the manufacturing chain. Furthermore, this mark also incorporates requirements pertaining to compliance with health and environmental criteria.

A quality
treatment process

CTB-B+ attests to the performance of the impregnation process by verifying the compliance of the various factors affecting the quality of treatment:
• the preparation of the wood and especially moisture,
• the quality of the material and the impregnation cycles,
• compliance with the regulations concerning the installations,
• the dilution, penetration and retention of the preservative.


The monitoring of these three parameters (species, product, process) is carried out on site on a regular basis by auditors from the FCBA Technological Institute